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“We look at our program as a wheel. The main house is the hub, the sober houses are the spokes and our residents are the rim. We all roll on together.”


Managers work with residents to plan for discharge from the Green House, which includes an emphasis on strengthening a support system and finding affordable housing. Residents who have graduated and work full time, who have become self-sufficient and are still wishing to have support and structure, may find additional options with the Green House Recovery Center. We offer a sober housing program with locations in many St. Paul neighborhoods, making for a smoother transition from treatment to mainstream living.

Our dozen sober houses are located in St. Paul. These are all self-pay without any government funding (except for participants in the State of Minnesota Long Term Homeless program). Half of our residents are retired or on SSI Disability; half of our residents work. Rents are reasonable and begin at $450.

There are many living situations within the Green House Recovery Center;
22 beds in the Group Residential-funded post-treatment Green House, 26 sober living beds for Long Term Homeless residents, and 52 sober living beds self-funded through employment and retirement funds.

Many veterans have found our sober living homes to be their ideal living situation. Whenever possible, we look to house veterans together if requested. There is a separate veteran’s 12-step meeting hosted at the Green House.

Each house has a manager that helps maintain structure. Personal responsibility and sobriety are required. A safe and comfortable environment is what we provide and the rest is up to the individual.

The units are fully furnished with phone and utilities covered with your rent payment. All a person needs is a toothbrush and suitcase to move in.

Residents may stay for one month or for the rest of their lives. Some residents have chosen to permanently live in the supportive sober living houses, happily living in their Green House home for more than 10 years. Our safe and sober environment serves many needs.

Sober living residents are also able to participate in the Green House programs, receiving the support of other residents while completing outpatient, aftercare and other chemical dependency services.